Revive Your Career: Strategies For Falling In Love With Your Job Again

Revive Your Career: Strategies For Falling In Love With Your Job Again

Career ruts can happen to the best of us. After a few years of working diligently in the same field it isn’t uncommon to start feeling stuck wondering what’s next, or even to start feeling like maybe your current career path isn’t for you anymore.

However, it’s important not to let a temporary rut cause you to abandon ship right away. Theoretically, a lot of thought went into choosing a career path, and you want to take some time to remember why you chose your current field and why you were drawn to the work. It may be possible to revive your career and rediscover your passion for the work again.

Ready to fall in love with your career again? Try these three strategies to increase career and job satisfaction.

Career ruts can happen to the best of us. Ready to fall in love with your career again? Try these three strategies to increase caeer and job satisfaction.

Explore New Opportunities

Is it time to look for a new employer?

Before abandoning your career path you should ask yourself, would you enjoy doing the same work somewhere else? If the answer is yes, before giving up on your career you should try looking for employment in a company that has an environment that more closely matches your personality, work preferences, as has an office culture that is more in alignment.

For example, say you work in a local government office but you crave the ability to be more creative and entrepreneurial in your work. Maybe it’s time to consider opportunities at a startup or nonprofit, where those qualities are valued.

Every employer won’t always be a good fit. Sometimes changing where you work can make all the difference in reviving your career. A new environment can often help you feel more engaged and energized, which renews your love for the work. Use sites like Glassdoor and Indeed to find new opportunities, and also read reviews on the company and culture.

Have You Made Your Desires Known

Have you asked for more challenging work?

You’ve been at your current job for a while and you haven’t elevated much from your original role. You feel stuck in a rut and uninspired, everyday you feel yourself questioning if this is the career path for you.

Before you make a drastic decision to leave your job, first consider this: Have you expressed any feelings of discontent with your manager? Have you expressed a desire for more challenging and engaging opportunities?

If you haven’t, start there first. Often times managers have no idea that you aren’t happy or desire more responsibility. It’s important that you learn to advocate for yourself and ask for opportunities. This is true whether you want to grow in your current career, or ultimately decide to try a new path.

Express your desires and ask for professional development opportunities this will help you feel more engaged, and be the boost you need to revive your career. If your employer can’t accommodate your request, then you know maybe it’s time to search for a new opportunity.

Find A Passion Project

Have you considered volunteering your services?

If changing jobs isn’t feasible at the moment, another option to consider is offering your services and skills to organizations that could use your help. Consider volunteering or joining a board at a nonprofit organization that does work you are passionate about. You can find opportunities at nonprofits on Idealist and LinkedIn.

Giving back has a way of making you feel more positive about the work that you do. The skills you have acquired in your career can be put to good use, and also give you an opportunity to reconnect with why you chose your career in the first place. Sometimes, tying the work we do to a purpose can have a profound affect on our career and job satisfaction.

We hope you find these strategies for reviving your career and  falling in love with your job again helpful. Be sure to leave a comment and let us know what you think.


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