Summer Romance: 6 Things To Fall In Love With This Summer

Summer Romance: 6 Things To Fall In Love With This Summer

Summer romances have a thrilling and exhilarating quality to them. The summer sun has a way of enhancing the mood and inspiring a sense of adventure. It’s a season where romances tend to happen almost naturally. Maybe it’s the laid back spirit of each day, and the warm nights that entice you to sit outside a little longer and watch the stars. It’s hard not to get swept up in the magic of a summer romance.

All this month we have been encouraging you to take time to spark a summer romance with yourself. Today we want to talk about six things you should give yourself permission to fall in love with this summer.

Summer Romance: 6 Things To Fall In Love With This Summer

If you’ve been rocking out since the beginning of the year, killing goals and being an all around boss, now might be a good time to take a mini break. The hustle often requires us to sacrifice sleep and give up rest time to meet deadlines. However, denying your body proper rest is a recipe for disaster. This summer, allow yourself time to rest and unplug from the grind a bit. Take an extended weekend vacay or enjoy a mid-week day off for self-care. Rest is important, give yourself permission to make it a priority this summer.

The Skin You Are In
Swimsuit season is usually met with mixed emotions, but we say this is the year to embrace it 100%. Give yourself permission to love the skin you’re in this summer. It will do wonders for your confidence, not to mention this the key to achieving your Glow Up this summer. There is no other love like self love.

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The summer is the perfect time to explore new places, things, and ideas. Give yourself permission to do something out of the ordinary. Take a day to explore parts of your current city you’ve never visited, try out a new hobby, eat something you’ve been hesitant to try.

Whatever you do, give yourself permission to fall in love with exploring. Try something you’ve been holding yourself back from trying or doing. Exploring helps you grow and expand your horizons. It will give you the boost you need to create the lifestyle you really want. So forget restrictions, fear, and perfection go explore this summer.

Taking A Digital Break
When did our lives become a routine of continuously checking email and social media updates? When did we become so addicted to constantly being connected, that we’ve forgotten how to spend time alone, eat a meal, or hang out with friends without our cell phones as our constant companion?

We get it our lives are more automated than ever, and we need to be digitally connected for things like work and managing daily tasks. However, we firmly believe it’s important to take digital breaks. Disconnect from your devices for a day and see how much more free you feel.

Allow yourself to enjoy the beauty of day where you aren’t constantly checking in. Get out and immerse yourself in the full experience of an adventure, without worrying about getting the perfect selfie shot. Digital breaks are necessary for balance, give yourself permission to fall in love with taking time offline.

Home Sweet Home
Summer is vacation season, but there is also beauty in staying close to home. If traveling isn’t in the budget this summer, turn your nest into a haven. Make your home into a place you love returning to each day. Turn your home into your own little private paradise that you enjoy escaping to, where you can recharge and refresh.

A few ways to achieve this are by refreshing your living space with items that bring more brightness and light into your space. You can also make more subtle changes like adding plants or flowers to the rooms you frequent most. Play your music, create a cozy nook for reading, turn your backyard into an oasis, or just chill out in bed. Give yourself permission to fall in love with loving quiet time at home.

Make New Friends
Summer tends to be filled with lots of opportunities to mix and mingle. It’s a great season for making new friends, and creating new memories. Friends make life fuller, and we always say you can never have enough friends. Challenge yourself to get out and meet new people, learn new cultures, and share with people who might not normally be a part of your circle. Your life will be richer from the experience, trust us on this.

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Whatever you do this summer, remember to have fun!

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