Meet The Founder


Hello! I’m Maurisha the Founder and Chief Motivator here at Savvy & Fly. I created this brand out of a desire to establish a hub for ambitious women who are ready to launch into their purpose. Savvy & Fly aims to be the go to guide for independent women with big goals.

Meet the Founder - Savvy and Fly

I started blogging as a creative outlet, and way to connect with other women across the internet. I enjoy developing content that empowers and inspires women to chase their dreams, and create the life they desire.

In addition to running the Savvy & Fly blog I work full-time in Human Resources. Having worked as a Human Resources professional for over a decade, I’ve developed a love for coaching and inspiring professionals to reach their personal development goals. Through the blog, I aspire to teach ambitious women how to level up to achieve the lifestyle they really want.

Building this brand has been my passion project. I love all the women I’ve come in contact with, and hope to continue to build a community of like-minded ambitious women. I live and breathe women’s empowerment, and love connecting with other ambitious dream chasers. I enjoy creating spaces where women can connect, share their goals, and have a support system for achieving those goals. If you want to be a part of my community click here.