Adulting Like A Boss: Keys To Success For Women

Adulting is hard work. Let me start this post off by acknowledging that. Life doesn’t get easier with age, but hopefully you learn enough lessons along the way to make adulting a little easier to handle.

I was inspired to write this post because today is my  birthday. I’m the big 37 this year (hey 40 I see you on the horizon). Sometimes it’s hard to  believe that I’m in my thirties, much less almost out of them. However, I would not begrudge one single moment of my life. Every battle, hurdle and triumph has made me the woman that I am. I’ve learned lessons that have helped me make smarter choices and really boss up in my adult life.

If you feel like you aren’t quite managing your adult life like you want, read on for my keys to thriving and adulting like a boss.

Adulting 101

Adulting is hard work. But we have the keys to adulting like a boss. Read and share with a friend who might need these keys

Here are my keys to adulting like a boss:

1. Drinking helps*

I love a good glass of wine these days. Recently, a friend turned me on to drinking while writing and it has changed my life. My thoughts flow so much more freely when I have a little wine in the tank. Between coffee to wake me up and get my thoughts churning in the morning and wine to help me chill at night, drinking has made adulting a lot easier. While coffee and wine are fuel for the hustle, don’t forget your H2o. Seriously hydration is so important for optimal brain function and to remove toxins from the body. Toxins are energy drainers, you want to drink enough water to flush them out of your body. Also, pro tip if you want your skin to stay fabulously plush and young looking, drink more water.

*Disclaimer: I am not promoting alcoholism*

2. Really good friends are an asset

Your circle naturally gets smaller as an adult. Life paths tend to change and some relationships aren’t able to shift and go the distance. Therefore, the friends you do keep around you are important. One key to adulting is knowing what relationships serve your best interest and which ones don’t. If you keep negative people in your circle that energy is bound to affect you. If you really want to boss up in your adult life, get you a girl squad of motivated ambitious women to call friends. You will push each other to do better and be there to celebrate and support each other.

3. Make your money, don’t let it make you

Word to Diamond from Player’s Club for this lesson. In my 20’s and even into my early 30’s, I was hustling trying to climb the success ladder and earn enough money to live reasonably comfortably. I was super focused on the money; which often caused anxiety and stress. I have come to learn there is more to life than money. Work life balance is important, truly thriving in your career and enjoying what you do also adds more pleasure to the work. The key to adulting like a boss is to learn how to work smarter not harder, and create opportunities for yourself without just focusing on the money. Don’t let your salary determine your career happiness.

4. Buy the shoes but not before you pay yourself first

The key to not letting money control you is learning financial responsibility. Many of us believe in the whole treat yourself mantra, but the key to adulting like a boss is being responsible with your money. So before you indulge make sure that you’ve tucked a few dollars away in your 401K, savings, or money market account. Later in life you will be glad you invested in yourself first. Money isn’t everything, but lack of financial control can be detrimental to your future. Shoes are beautiful, but make sure you’ve stocked your rainy day fund before your stock your closet.

5. Gratitude makes everything in life more abundant

I started a gratitude practice  a couple years ago. The grind will wear you down if you don’t take moments to appreciate what you have. I make a conscious effort to journal at least once a week to write down what I’m grateful for, as a way of practicing self-care. This practice makes me mindful of all that I have and all the joy that already exists in my life, which makes my appreciation that much greater. The key to adulting like a boss is finding happiness in the moment and showing gratitude for each blessing big or small.

6. Age ain’t nothing but a number

There is no magic age that makes life perfect, nor is there a deadline on the age you need to become successful. The key to adulting like a boss is allowing yourself the grace to bloom in your own season. There are plenty of successful women who didn’t find their true calling until later in life. So stop sweating trying to meet some imaginary age milestone. Give yourself the freedom to find your way without the guilt of a age deadline.

7. Stay in your lane

You will never find personal success running someone else’s race. Don’t get tripped up because you’re so focused on watching another person run their race. Focus on your own lane and run at your own pace. The key to adulting like a boss is staying in your lane, creating your own definition of success and not comparing your wins to others.

8. Rest b*tch

Seriously you need to take breaks from the hustle sometimes. Burning the candle at both ends, compromising sleep and not learning to relax will show on your face and body. Sleep is precious, good sleep is an even greater gift. Seriously, I would have respected naps much more when I was younger, if I would have known that adequate sleep would be so hard to come by as an adult. In order to boss up in your life, you need to learn to relax and power down. Restorative sleep is important for clarity and focus.

9. It’s perfectly ok to celebrate yourself

I believe in being humble, but sometimes you have to learn to celebrate yourself and toot your own horn. Today I’m celebrating another year of life. I’m celebrating my accomplishments and my failures today. I am celebrating my own unique brand of womanhood. What do you have to celebrate? Write it down and make sure you give it the proper party it deserves. Celebrating wins is an important boss move.

In honor of my birthday I’ve also taken the liberty of including some gift ideas and product recommendations to help you put my keys to adulting like a boss into practice. Some of the links do pay me a small commission for the referral, hopefully you are ok with that – it is my birthday after all!

Adulting Gift Recommendations:

Sleep Aide – Goodnight Darling Co. Bundle

Mindfulness Aide: Gratitude Journal

Hydration Aide: Memo Bottle

Drinking Aide: Adulting Juice Mug

Boss Book: How to Be a Bawse: A Guide to Conquering Life  

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Adulting Like A Boss: Keys To Success For Women

As always thank you for reading, leave me a comment and let me know your keys for surviving adulthood.

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