Trinity Simone Owner of Black Vibe Tribe

Her Savvy Hustle: Trinity Simone of Black Vibe Tribe

Trinity Simone is a young female entrepreneur with a promising future in front of her. At only 14, she is the owner of the statement making t-shirt brand Black Vibe Tribe. Those closest to her call her an “ol soul”. She describes herself as a determined, strong willed, extremely passionate young woman that is determined to leave her mark in the world.

We learned about Trinity Simone and her business through Facebook. After reaching out to her to learn more about her business, we knew she was perfect for our first Her Savvy Hustle™ feature. For such a young woman, she has already done so much and her list of acquired skills is incredibly impressive.

Trinity Simone on her road to entrepreneurship:

My resume is chock full of exciting adventures. I am a professional actress and model. I am an honors student. I blog. I sing. I’m a spoken word artist. I sew. I enjoy cooking and even more obsessed with plating. I code. My latest venture is blazing trails on the path to entrepreneurship. In all honesty, the day that I officially launched my website, I was elated and shaking in my boots. My immediate thoughts were “Trinity, what have you done now?” Lol! Wherever this journey takes me, I’m looking forward to the success, failures, (although I hope they are minimal…lol), lessons (I’m sure those will be plentiful) and a host of amazing individuals that see value in what I have to offer.

On what inspired the name of her business and the mission of her brand:

The name of my business is Black Vibe Tribe. I poured my blood, sweat and (ahem) tears into this baby. Black Vibe Tribe is here to connect, lift, uplift and build with my people. My treasures are an expression of my hopes, dreams, expression and art. My allegiance to my people is through the roof. I was birthed from a legacy of survivors so I’m ready to take on the world.

Meet Trinity Simone A Young, Savvy, Entreprenuer To Watch

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Here at Savvy & Fly we are all about supporting a young girl with BIG dreams. To show your love and support for Trinity Simone and Black Vibe Tribe,  you can find her business info at the following links: WebsiteInstagram | Twitter | Facebook.

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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this❤️ These babies are the future! And her meaning behind the name of her business 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
    You go girl😘

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